Museum farm Mariahoeve is a prime example of the type of farm that was common in the early 20th century in The Netherlands. It was a family farm with a few acres for growing wheat, potatoes and mangel-wurzel (an animal feed). Cows, pigs, chicken and the occasional horse found their home here. These type of farms also included large vegetable patches and small orchards.

Because of the rising scale of agricultural activities, mechanisation and specialisation, farms like this rapidly disappeared in the last quarter of the previous century. The unique aspect of Mariahoeve is that it’s all still here, exactly as it was left by Maria. You can visit our museum with an experienced guide only.

Activities & tearoom

Throughout the year we organise interesting activities such as lectures, school visits and farmer’s markets. It makes Mariahoeve into more than a museum. Please visit our cosy tearoom for a cup of tea or coffee, a nice piece of cake or a lovely lunch.

Camping & lodging

We are located in Putten, near the natural forested area of ‘De Veluwe’ and also offer camping and a Bed & Breakfast. You can stay at our mini campground with 20 camping spots and comfortable amenities. Or sleep in one of our three cabins or our guest rooms in the (completely refurbished) former chicken shed. A wonderful place to stay on a beautiful historic farm!

Come and experience Mariahoeve!

Museumboerderij Mariahoeve

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